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My name is Anna Maija Siljander. I am an enthusiastic learner, an adult educator (M.Ed.) and a Developmental, Business and Leadership Coach (Certified Business Coach Master®) who uses narrative and transpersonal understanding in coaching. I have strong expertise in learning, growth and development, and have also Adult Education Teacher Certificate. My deepest interest is directed towards self leadership and social interaction between adults. I am also a Seasonal Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and I use mind-body connection as a part of continuing education.

I have gone through many changes in my life. My biggest turning point was when I decided to further develop myself by moving from the engineering industry to adult education in my forties. Before that I spent several years at home with my four kids, and also lived in the USA for four years. After my career change, for nine years I led many kinds of programs in leadership for adult students, and I continued educating myself in coaching.

It is my pleasure to use my experience to support wellbeing of individuals and groups in different kind of situations. My passion is to help adults to renew and be successful by using their own experience and consciousness to reach their goals and dreams. I have many years of experience training adults in their work related changes.

I would be happy to be your coach and thinking partner, and to inspire you to reflect, learn and grow in your change process, whatever it is.

What would you like to work toward?

Please let me know when you would like to start!

Have a joyful and  beautiful day!

Anna Maija

ICF Finland, coachprofiilini

Certified Business Coach Master® (CBCM), 2021
ThetaHealing Advanced DNA, 2021
Basic DNA ThetaHealing Practioner, 2020
Seasonal Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), 2019
Certified Business Coach® (CBC), 2017
Adult Education Teacher, 2011
M.Ed., General and Adult Education, 2009
NLP Practioner, 1996

B Eng., Construction Engineering, 1988
B Eng., Civil Engineering, 1983     linkedin logo 64x64

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