Turning Heads

When you think of Turning Heads, think changing your point of view, direction or work, or whatever you want to renew. Think of yourself in a turning point searching for something especially valuable and making important decisions to make the best of you and the environment around you. Think also you in a new situation where you could flourish, look and feel good, because what you do rises from your deepest passion. What would you like to work toward?

Actually it happened a couple of years ago for the founder of Turning Heads, Anna Maija Siljander (M.Ed.). She didn’t feel the environment around her was the best place for her to grow anymore, it was time to find something new. A Certified Business Coach® degree and additional coaching studies provided a natural next step to continue her career path and to be loyal to her own adult educator identity. Thereafter, Anna Maija created ‘turn coaching’ with the ambition of providing professional coaching to adults in their work related changes. In this method of coaching she combines her experience and understanding of learning, leadership and four following approaches to coaching.

Methods of Turn Coaching for growth and new views

Coaching is always a coachee’s process to move forward. A coach helps a coachee to use their potential and develop with effective questions. It depends on the situation of a coachee how the following methods and approaches are used.

  • Business Coaching is a goal oriented and agenda based way to coach. It helps to clarify possibilities of individuals and groups.
  • Transpersonal Coaching focuses on energy, values, purpose and meaning and is a holistic and deep approach to learning and growing.
  • Narrative Coaching is a mindful, experiential and integrative approach, that helps people make real change in real time using their own experience.
  • Seasonal -thinking in my coaching is based on Seasonal Yoga and its practice. It helps us to understand ourselves as parts of nature, and all changes which happen in our life through perspectives of seasons. Every season brings up its own tasks and emotions to handle to enhance our personal development and growth.

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