”I was happy to be coached by Anna Maija last year. She helped me to find the beginning of my new career path. She was very supportive and made me think of my competence and skills in a new way. 

Anna Maija is a warm and open minded person who challenges you and still gets you to make your own conclusions.
Even now, a year after the coaching period, I tend to go back every now and then to some of our discussions in my mind and smile.”

– Johanna, digital marketing expert

”Coaching was new experience for me. It gave me tools to clarify my future working options. Anna Maija gave gentle and safe occasion to think in her guidance.”

– Tuija, teacher

”Last spring I was facing new challenges at my career, and I was a bit lost with the situation. Coaching sessions with Anna Maija helped me to see the solution right there, in front of me. She managed to ask insightful questions and create such an open-hearted atmosphere, where it was easy to recognize that I can actually lead myself and that’s where all the growth starts.
After coaching prosess I was more than ready for the new challenge and the results took me to the next level during the same year. Warm recommendation for coaching process with Anna Maija!”

– Heidi, director

”Me and Anna Maija met at “walk and talk” coaching sessions several times. Her style is caring, curious and gentle which makes her easy to talk to. She is a lovely person and I can warmly recommend her as your coach.”

– Camilla, trainer & entrepreneur

”Anna Maija coached me in 2017. I had thoughts beforehand, which issues we should pay attention to. These thoughts got clearer during the coaching process. We clarified the goals in all sectors, and I began to pay more attention to my own resources, which needed development for other doings at that time.

It is foremost important to take care of yourself and your time management, although it is often considered to be self-evident, but sometimes you need a good “shake”. When acting close to big issues, many small and important things are forgotten frequently. A person forgets her or his own well-being. Way too often health starts to worsen because of that, and all areas of life suffer.

By clarifying the goals and time management, I got time thieves in order. Little by little my own well-being gained more space. I believe, I’m more efficient when I sleep better, I have less stress, and I have enough time for particular doings.

I can warmly recommend Anna Maija´s coaching service.”

– Jaana, chairwoman of an association

“Tein uramuutosta Anna Maijan kanssa. Hän toi kasvupolulleni näkymiä myös sivuille, mikä vei minut kohti itseni näköisempää lopputulosta. Yksin edetessä olisin todennäköisemmin suorittanut, jolloin monet tärkeät aiheet olisivat jääneet pohtimatta. Itsetuntemukseni lisääntyi keskusteluidemme ja harjoituksien myötä. Sen päälle on hyvä rakentaa mitä tahansa.”

– Johanna, erityisopettaja

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