“It is my pleasure to help you to flourish by clarifying your life situation. So that you do well mentally as well as physically, and it is easier to turn your head to a renewed position.”

– Anna Maija –



Approaches of Anna Maija´s Coaching for your growth and renewal

Coaching is always a coachee’s process to move forward. A coach helps a coachee to use their potential and develop with effective questions. It depends on the life situation of you how the following approaches are used.

  • Business Coaching is a goal oriented and agenda based way to coach. It helps to clarify possibilities of individuals and teams.
  • Transpersonal Coaching focuses on energy, values, purpose and meaning and is a holistic and deep approach to learning and growing.
  • Narrative Coaching is a mindful, experiential and integrative approach, that helps you make real change in real time using your own experience.
  • Developmental Coaching works through themes of a coachee and is based on different stages of adult development. It concentrates on working with the self.

I would like to meet you as many times as you need me. Three, six, nine or even more. It could be once or twice in a month. I ask empowering questions in Finnish or English. We could also do some inspiring activities.

I am happy to arrange a meeting room for us. If you prefer so we can also have some sessions online or go for a walk.

We start a coaching process by making a contract. I agree to practice the ICF Core Competencies and follow the ICF Code of Ethics in my coaching work. All our discussions are strictly confidential.

We can first have short complimentary conversation at the phone to get to know each other, during which I would love to hear about your expectations.

Please let me hear from you and how to start! 



Narrative Big Five Self Assessments supporting your professional success.

For individuals, teams and groups

We can also start your coaching process with this quick and reliable personality test.

Narrative Big Five, USA

Narrative Big Five, Finland

Please let me know you!





Benefits for your team, group or organization

  • support your professional success 
  • enhance your holistic wellbeing  

Different types of topics

  • e.g. about  self-leadership, learning and personal growth

Please ask an offer for a half or full day!




Are you interested to try benefits of Seasonal Yoga?

For individuals, groups and teams.

I am happy to arrange a yoga studio for us in Tapiola if you prefer so.

My teacher profile, Yoga Alliance

Seasonal Yoga, UK

Seasonal Yoga, Finland

Please let me know your interests!