Do any of these sound familiar to you? What would you like to work toward? How can I help you with that?

Change in Leadership

  •        Are you taking your first steps as a leader?
  • Are you searching for something new to your way of leading your group or team?
  • Do you like to lead yourself more consciously?
  • Do you need help to continue on your leadership path?

Professional change

  •        Are you dealing with challenging changes at work?
  •        Are you planning to change your work?
  •        Are you starting to work as an entrepreneur?
  •        Are you in-between jobs?

Personal change

  • Are you settling into a new country and culture?
  • Are you returning back to work after being many years abroad?
  • Are you returning back to work after kids?
  •        Are you planning to retire soon?


Coaching sessions

  • What do you see when you step back and view the whole of your working life?
  • What do you know you need to let go of in your life to make space for the new?

I am happy to meet you 3 times every 2-3 weeks (60-75 min.). Usually a coaching process lasts 2-3 months. We can meet at your office, in a nice cafe, go for a refreshing walk or decide on some other comfortable place to work together. I ask powerful coaching questions in Finnish or English. We could also do some inspiring activities. I also like to recommend some learning assignments to you between coaching sessions which can help you move forward. I am also happy to have sessions over the phone or online.

My fee for one-on-one coaching is 520,80 € (420 € + alv. 24 %) in Helsinki metropolitan area. The fee covers a coaching process of three (3) sessions with preparations, learning assignments and liaison between sessions. We could also start a coaching process month by month. My fee is then 334,80 € (270 € + alv. 24%) per month (2 sessions). Both the choices include a preliminary assignment before the first session and an extra non-binding conversation before the actual process.

Please leave your message!

Please ask for an offer if you are interested in a group coaching process of three (3) sessions for 2-6 persons! In group coaching (2-4 h/session) I will have a talk with everyone (60-75 min.) before our first session together.

I am also available for in-house coaching processes. I could be helping your employees at your office 1/2 – 1 day/week. Please make a suggestion for that!

We start a coaching process by making a contract, which could be between us or including also your employer. I agree to practice the ICF Core Competencies and follow the ICF Code of Ethics in my coaching work, and all our discussions are strictly confidential. We can first have a short complimentary coaching conversation to get to know each other, during which I would love to hear about your expectations.

Please let me know when you would like to start! 

Have a joyful and  beautiful day!

Anna Maija

icflogocolor   RYT200