My Experience of English Culture and Language

Culture or language? Which one or both? Which one is leading my thinking at the moment? It is usually said that you can not know the word if you do not know the context. I think it is the same with these two issues.

When I used to live in the US I had a discussion with someone about a topic that was related to that context, but If I use the same kind of language and words here in the UK, I could be misunderstood quite often.

What have I learnt so far here in England? I have been on my personal study trip three weeks and continuing my journey still almost same amount. I started my trip in Bristol by participating in a narrative coaching workshop. The group of twelve consisted of people from different nationalities. The most interesting thing for me was that the group was led by an American guy and there were also two younger ladies also from the western part of the US. Only one third of the participants were from Britain. It was pretty much the same when I signed up for the English course this week in Bath, everyone else beside the teachers were from all over the world.

I would like to now point out two main things of my experiences of this trip so far. First of all it does not matter wherever you are, there are people from different countries besides native speakers and second you really have to know the context and culture before you can use some words. It really helps you to be better understood and as well understand others. Always something interesting to learn about social interaction!






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