Lessons of in-between situations

I decided to live my dream, and travel to the UK for 40 days. I started my journey by taking part in the Narrative Coaching retreat for three days in Bristol. At the moment I am in-between jobs, in addition to somehow living in-between countries. Now that the first quarter of the journey is behind, I would like to share my story.

I have often been in in-between situations througout my professional and personal life. Sometimes several circumstances have somehow mixed up (work, studies and life situation). My turning point was when I decided to further develop myself by moving from the engineering industry to adult education in my forties. Before that I was blessed to spend several years at home with my four kids, and also live in the US for four years.

My intention has always been to hurry up to new situations and next stages in my life. Even after twenty some years, I have found myself in pretty much the same situation, stepping into the same hole again, and again. During the past couple of years so many changes have happend in my work and my life, I could say the speed has even increased.

So, it happend once again! Last weekend I was in an in-between situation taking part in David B. Drake´s heartwarmingly led @NarrativeCoach workshop style retreat in Bristol. I also read his book during this week. It is amazing how familiar it felt thinking back to theories and my earlier studies in adult education, psychology and social psychology, and over twenty years of experience guiding adult students in their changing processes. The retreat experience was so eye-opening and it felt so great to step over my next threshold – finally a long step forward.

Most of all lessons of the last weekend rose out of my own stories, and my readiness to meet my own shadows and to leave something behind. We all have our own sufferings, paths, timing and space which is suitable for us. I noticed that to move forward it is good to have support and help from other co-walkers, but they can´t take our pain away. We need to meet our own shadows once in a while and be aware of them to continue our path freely. I feel so released and calm after this amazing experience with my peers from so many backgrounds and nationalities.

A good question for myself and for everyone else is what is the meaning of past, present or future for oneself. Which one holds the most energy? For me the most break through experience of the retreat was that I could really be totally present, start to move forward and trust the future, after I was ready to leave something behind. Sometimes it can be harder than other times, and it could take longer, but that’s okay.

I am now eager to move forward on my coaching path which I started a year ago, do things my own way and take my next steps to work as a freelancer. My mission is to use my long experience to be a mindful and compassionate coach for coachees on their trasformation process. I would love to walk alongside a coachee when they tell their story and move across their professional or personal threshold. At the moment I need one or two pro bono coachees with whom to practice futher the use of narrative coaching model and my recent learnings and insights. Please let me know, if you feel you could use some help with your story and transition!

I would be happy to support you!



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