Autumn – Withdraw and find your space!



November – December

Do you feel you need a change in life? Exchange and eliminate. Breath in and out and get your practice moving. Calm yourself!

Autumn brings freshness after warm summer. The amount of light decreases little by little and air feels clearer. Trees reveal their bright colours; amongst them the pace of the rhythm of our life calms and slows down, and thoughts turn inwards. The season of growth has ended and we have to meet the reality that nature gets ready for winter.

The element of Autumn is metal and it is about gathering energy inwards with the focus on breathing using opening and closing postures in the upper torso to stimulate and increase lung ventilation. Use breathing exercises to focus and balance the gathered energy to cleanse, regulate and stimulate your respiratory tract, gently encouraging the whole system to detoxify and ”let go”.

Emotions and subjects which belong to autumn are sorrow, braveness and forgiveness. Sorrow affects the wellbeing of our lungs. If we have difficulties to give up our emotions our large intestine can show symptoms. Those symptoms can tell us that it is time to let go in many levels.

Autumn is a good time to finish projects started in Spring and Summer and bring things to conclusion. Autumn is also a perfect time to start self-examination. Practice letting go of what you no longer need in life to make more room for what sustains you. Start an improvement or a clarification of something by  making small changes!

Way of life

  • Be consciously positive and open, because in Autumn it is easy to feel depressed. Give up any thought which doesn’t serve you anymore.
  • Accept your weaknesses and work with your strenghts.
  • Clean, give away and recycle your belongings. 

Excercise and training 

  • Observe your posture so that your chest doesn’t go inwards and keep your head up. Remember that your neck is the straight bridge to your brain and its’ wellbeing.
  • Be consciously enthusiastic about your training and manifest effectiveness with trying as little as possible.
  • Release tension from your body and breath. Enjoy lots of fresh air during regular walks!

Anna Maija, 2018-2019 – Seasonal Yoga, Teacher Training (RYT 200)

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