Late Summer – Include balance challenges to your routines!


September – October

Are your thoughts and feelings supporting you? Do suffer from digestive problems? How much time do you have for yourself and your personal interests? Examine the quality of your thoughts! Practice your own power and build a high sense of self-esteem!

Late Summer is an excellent time to reflect on what has been achieved during the active phase of Spring and Summer. It is the time of building up self worth and have a feeling of satisfaction.

The element of Late Summer is earth and it is the season when the energy slows down. We can use this season to digest and internalise. The element of earth reminds us to become aware of our personal concerns. Learn to focus on nourishing and caring for yourself. It is the time to come back to our centre and rediscover our sense of self within the cycles of life.

The Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas are the organs that belong to the earth element with us. Beside the food we eat the Stomach receives and processes emotional states and mental information. The Pancreas, the deepest organ in the body, reflects the deepest feelings we have about ourselves. The Spleen is the earth´s motivator and lifts our energy and spirits. It is important to understand how the feelings we have about ourselves influence our immunity, in which the Spleen and the lymphatic system play a important part.

Emotions are linked to organs. Emotions and subjects which belong to late summer are worry, self doubt and confidence. The highest expression is empathy. The season of late summer is a transition stage from a more active phase (Yang) of spring and summer to a more passive phase (Yin) of autumn and winter.

Way of life

  • Make life more simple and harmonious!
  • Schedule time for your personal interests every day
  • Work on relationships, especially the one you have with yourself
  • Balance your home environment 

Exercise and training

  • Concentrate on grounding, leg strengthening and core stabily exercises
  • Include balance challenges in your routines!
  • Focus on moving from your navel centre and opening the solar plexus area
  • Twist and rotate to get the lymph system moving

Anna Maija, 2018-2019 – Seasonal Yoga, Teacher Training (RYT 200)

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