Summer – Try your best to stay at peace and to be compassionate!


June – August

Are you nervous when meeting new people? Do you suffer from stiffness in your neck and shoulders? Begin the day with a short meditation session! Try to balance the intensity of living in the moment with an awareness. Be compassionate to your closest ones!

Summer is an excellent time to create energy and power which will support us into the harvesting of the Late Summer. It is the time of separating pure from impure on all levels of our being.

The element of Summer is fire and it is the season when nature´s energy is at its highest. We can use this season and its long and light days to be active and live to the full. The element of fire needs to be took care and have regular attention. Get the heart beating, burn fat and work with the body and mind at the same time. Summer is the time of self realization and to make changes in the body, which can be done by regular and frequent practice.

The heart and small intestine are the organs that belong to the fire element with us.  The heart pumps blood around the body delivering essential nourishment to the organs and clearing away waste. The small intestine acts on the quality of blood by controlling nourishment through the digestive system. Because the function of both of these organs is circulation, you can see why the heart needs exercise to make it beat faster in order to do its job more efficiently. Emotions are linked to organs. Emotions and subjects which belong to summer are joy, love, light and laughter. The heart has seen to be a mental and an emotional centre and controls consciousness.

Way of life

  • Give yourself permission to do what you enjoy!
  • Learn to let go, forgive and move on. Try not to take things too personally
  • Communicate with everyone around you. Act and speak from the heart with feeling!
  • Have fun on a regular basis!

 Exercise and training

  • Exercise every day, but keep it simple! It is important to get some exercise for the upper body and chest
  • In the morning outdoor cardiovascular exercise, any exercise which makes you breathe faster, is recommended
  • Slow down and do a meditation to boost your energy in the afternoon
  • 15 minutes a day on your yoga practice can make an enormous difference

Anna Maija, 2018-2019 – Seasonal Yoga, Teacher Training (RYT 200)

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