Winter – Discover your true potential!


January – February

Do you feel you need plenty of rest? Cut down on areas of stress. Get plenty of sleep. Take up meditation. Have periods of relaxation in the day to recharge!

 Winter emphasises the essence of life, like a seed with its potential deep inside. We can use this coldest and darkest time of the year for self-reflection and meditation. It is the season to find our true self.

The element of Winter is water and it is the season of concentration and self-reflection. The winter’s energy has the capacity to rejuvenate and discover our hidden depths and intelligence.  We can use this season to understand how to maintain our energy reserves and how to gather and store it for the year ahead. In this season we work on our ability to listen and sense where balances and inbalances exist, and how to respond them wisely. Its type of energy is change!

The kidneys and bladder are the organs that belong to the water element within us. Emotions are linked to organs. Emotions and subjects which belong to winter are fear, anxious and lack of direction. When we confront our fears and regain our courage, and in doing so winter will teach us how to be calm and balanced.

Winter is a good time of going to bed early and sleeping later, for stillness and looking inwards to develop our inner self. We can find a place of inner peace and fullfilment where the process of healing can beging. Be awareness of the whole movement and flow with the tide of life so you can discover your inner direction and purpose!

Way of life

  • Regularly re-evaluate your values and priorities
  • Start the day with a five-minute meditation
  • Recharge your batteries by going to bed early, rise late and sleep for 1-2 hours longer
  • Maintain your body temperatue by rubbing your kidneys one hundred times every day with the backs of your hands made into soft fists

Excercise and training 

  • Move your spine in many ways to mobilise all the joints and your lower back
  • Synchronise movements and breath
  • Feel the alignment of the spine, and a sense that the head is being held up
  • Use forward folds and back bends

Anna Maija, 2018-2019 – Seasonal Yoga, Teacher Training (RYT 200)

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