Spring – Energize and make new plans!


March – May

Do you feel yourself irritated or angry? Work out what it is and face it head-on. Begin the day with a brisk walk. Take up meditation at least once a day. Be kind to someone every day!

 Spring brings warmer and brighter days and shifts stored energy upwards for the movement and new growth. This time presents a whole new beginning, an opportunity to make new plans, make desicions, determine our direction and take action.

The element of Spring is wood and it is the season when sap is rising in the trees, just as we have this rising energy within us. If this does not happen we can feel depressed or stuck and unable to move forward. We can use this season to look at ourselves with greater clarity, to see where we need to do changes and understand that there may growing pains in the process. In this season we work on new challenges and personal growth as we stretch ourselves out of Winter towards new beginnings.

The gallbladder and liver are the organs that belong to the wood element within us. These organs ensure the smooth flow and distribution of energy. The liver has seen to be a strategic planner and the gallbladder allows us to make appropriate decisions. Emotions are linked to organs. Emotions and subject which belong to spring are anger, impatience, gentle kindness and purpose. Highest expressions are humour and patience!

The smell of spring morning has a freshness that you do not get in any other season! Spring is a good time of goal setting, motivating, organizing, being creative, and having a clear vision of how things will look. It is the time of the emergence of the new, and a time to be more energetic, flexible, spontaneous, thoughtful and sensitive.

Way of life

  • Do something toward detoxifying your life (a choice of five areas: food, thoughts, physical, home or outdoor environment)
  • Start something new at home, work and in yourself
  • Keep life flexible, free and active
  • Choose activities that motivate you

Excercise and training 

  • Use each move/posture to feel rooted
  • Twists can assist in detoxification
  • Do side bends
  • Be aware of what is still and what is moving

Anna Maija, 2018-2019 – Seasonal Yoga, Teacher Training (RYT 200)

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